The General Test of English Language Proficiency assess English Language Proficiency
at five different levels of functional ability

How G-TELP Tests have been used

G-TELP is designed to be used by any non-native English speaker, student, teacher, or evaluator concerned with assessing functional, task-oriented language ability. Many organizations around the world administer G-TELP to assess English proficiency for various purposes.

International Events

- English evaluation test for volunteers during the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics and Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
- English training test for public officials during the Incheon 2014 Asian Games


- Official English test recognized by the Taiwanese government
- English test for recruiting competent civil employees in Korea

Universities and Schools

- Preferred English proficiency test by many universities in Japan
- English-language certificate program for college graduation in China
- English test for graduation certification programs of universities in Korea
- English test for measuring progress at language institutes and international schools in the Philippines