G-TELP Writing Test

The G-TELP Writing Test is an Assessment Tool Specifically Designed to Measure the
English Writing Proficiency of Nonnative Speakers of English

The GWT is an assessment system specifically designed to measure the English writing proficiency of nonnatie speaker of English.

The G-TELP Writing Test provides examinees with information about their specific strengths and weaknesses in order to improve their writing proficiency in the English language.

Other tests of English language proficiency, which are norm-referenced, report a single score or subtest scores that indicate an examinee's place among others who are taking the test for a specific purpose (e.g., for admission to college in the United States). In contrast, the G-TELP Writing Test assesses general English-writing proficiency with an emphasis on the functional ability to communicate. This involves the writer’s ability to carry out particular, well-defined tasks in the language (e.g., describing oneself, comparing two options, or supporting an opinion with specific examples).

The wealth of information in the score report enables those who interpret the results to make informed decisions related to an examinee's functional writing proficiency. For example, in an employment situation, an employer might decide that a potential or current employee has adequate English-writing skills to perform well in a particular position. In addition, the examinee in an employment situation can be given meaningful and useful feedback concerning tasks and skill areas where he/she needs improvement. After a period of time and with practice, that person may be permitted to retake another (parallel) form of the test to demonstrate increased proficiency.

As another example, an English teacher can use the information to determine which skill areas need to be emphasized for the class as a whole. The teacher can also interpret the scores to give special instruction on areas of weakness for individual students or small groups of students. Furthermore, when the teacher explains the scores to a student, the student receives some reward or reinforcement for his/her efforts in areas of the test where the scores indicate progress.

Summary of Descriptors
Release of Test Results

The result will be released no later than eight working days after the test date on G-TELP websites, and original score reports will be printed out or mailed out directly to test-takers within two weeks from the test date.

Validity of Test Results

A test report will not be reissued if two years have passed since taking the test because English skill may improve or decline over time.