Directions :
Imagine that you have invited your cousin to go with you and your friends on a camping trip. Your cousin has just arrived at your city, and as this is his first time to go on this kind of trip, he is going to ask you some questions.
Wow, I¡¯m so excited to go camping. This will be my first time. Thanks for inviting me.  
I heard that people here commonly go camping or trail hiking. Is this true? Please tell me more about it.  
That sounds interesting. So, where are the best places to go for this kind of trip?  
I see¡¦ I also heard that the best mountain trails are found here, too. Can you tell me where exactly they are located?  
Is that where we¡¯re going? By the way, are there any cabins or lodges that we can rent for the night? Where do we stay once we get there?  
Great! Are there any stores there that sell food and supplies? Are they near the cabins? Where can we find one?  
Oh, before I forget¡¦ Are there information centers in those areas? Where are they usually located?  
That¡¯s good to hear. I¡¯d like to buy some souvenirs of our trip. Where would I be able to buy some?  
Cool! I can¡¯t wait to go on the trip. I¡¯m so excited! Thanks again for inviting me.