Directions :
Listen to the following description of a disagreement between a teacher and his student. Then suggest how they should deal with the problem. You will have 30 seconds to think about your answer and one minute to speak. Now listen.

This is a disagreement between James and his Philosophy professor over whether or not James should be allowed to take makeup exams for his Philosophy class. James is a member of his university¡¯s soccer varsity team and he has not been able to attend some of the Philosophy classes due to intensive soccer training and practice. He explains that as the team captain, he is required to participate in all the practices and training sessions for the upcoming national championship. But his professor says that he cannot give special treatment to only one student. He adds that James should have been responsible enough to fix his schedule beforehand. James argues, however, that the other professors allowed him to take makeup classes, and points out that he wouldn¡¯t be able to graduate this year if he isn¡¯t allowed to make up for the exams he missed. What do you think they should do and why?

Now think about your answer.