1. Environmentalists worldwide are mourning the untimely death of Senator John Bailey, author of the Greenhouse Emission Law. The veteran legislator _______ before the Green Thumb Society when he suffered a massive heart attack.   2. Beginning as a secretary for Coopers & Randall, Jody is now the Director of Acquisitions, and
she¡¯s well on her way to becoming a senior partner. Next month, she ________ for the firm for 15 years.
  will have been speaking
has spoken
is speaking
was speaking
    is working
will have been working
would have worked
had worked
3. Sarah had always dreamed of becoming a newscaster, but her parents urged her to study accounting instead. If only she had been true to her vision, she __________ on TV by now.   4. The Clean Seas Optimists spokesperson, Amanda Watts, spoke about plastic being both a gift and a curse to humankind. It obviously benefits industries and consumers as packaging material _______ posing a threat to wildlife.
  should be
will possibly have been
could possibly have been
has possibly been
5. Biologist Chum Motley, widely known as Professor Agator, has sparked interest in students towards learning biology. Starting today, he _______ to more than 50 high schools to give a series of lectures on it.   6. The company has installed 15 wind turbines off the coast of California. The company _________ for a viable site for three years before finally choosing the coastal city of Oxnard for its stations.
  will be traveling
has been traveling
has traveled
    has searched
had been searching
was searching
will have been searching
7. Ollie Douglas, owner and chef of the Bluenose Pub, serves some of the finest steaks in Georgetown. His loyal customers agree that Ollie¡¯s steaks are the ________ ones that they have ever had.   8. As he didn¡¯t have tickets to the game, John wasn¡¯t able to watch yesterday¡¯s championship match between the Cowboys and the Archers. If he had only bought tickets earlier, he _________ the game.
    has been watching
will watch
could have watched
could be watching
9. Members of the Anti-Narcotics Police Force raided a suspected drug warehouse along the waterfront. The new police chief stated that law enforcement efforts to solve the city¡¯s worsening drug problem _________.   10. I¡¯m glad that my seven-year-old nephew often watches wildlife features on the National Geographic Channel. I think that children __________ more educational information from TV than ever before.
  are increasing
had been increasing
had increased
will have been increased
    are getting
had got
will be getting
had been getting
11. Carlito¡¯s Point Beach is an extremely popular tourist destination. To preserve its unspoiled environment, the town has organized Citizens¡¯ Group Watch to monitor the beach area for garbage. The group _______ this for a month now.   12. Grateful for a position as Senior Purse Designer, Anne treated her friend, Sue, to dinner. Anne said to Sue, ¡°If you had not helped me come up with a creative bag design, I _________ the job.¡±
  is actively doing
had actively done
will actively do
has been actively doing
    should not land
would not have landed
could not land
will have landed
13. Bill Sanders was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of New Age Broadcasting. _______ he officially assumes his post tomorrow, he will have a lot of work ahead of him to put the company back into shape.   14. I enjoy listening to reggae music, and I especially like the Brownman Beat Band. It¡¯s amazing that by this time next month, the band _______ at the top of the charts for a record fifteen months.
As if
As soon as
    will have been
would be
had been
15. Every year, Bainbridge celebrates its Tomato Festival. This year residents are doubling their efforts to make it even more successful. Each family ________ various products using the ordinary tomato as its basic ingredient.   16. Still feeling sad over the loss of his dog Rover, my younger brother barely touched his dinner. He keeps blaming himself, saying that if only he had closed Rover¡¯ s cage door, the dog _________.
  has showcased
will have showcased
will be showcasing
    will have ran off
would not have run off
is running off
has not run off
17. In this electronic age, it is necessary for developing countries to keep up with the times. Fortunately, there are organizations such as the World Bank that _________ loans for universal access to communication technologies.   18. Fans of the Nantucket Flaming Devils were shocked when their football team lost to the Valley Angels. They _______ five seconds before the end of the game when the Angels¡¯ quarterback threw a 75-yard pass and scored a final touchdown.
  had provide
are providing
will have provided
should provide
    were already celebrating
have already been celebrating
are already celebrating
would celebrate
19. Police recently conducted an investigation on the Philanthropy Club after some of its members filed a complaint against its president. They discovered that Thomas Thornton _________ into illegal contracts for two years without its members¡¯ knowledge.   20. Magician Jack Bartinni continues to fascinate audiences with his magic tricks. In his last performance, he floated in thin air without a visible string or rope. _________ to do this is simply amazing!
  has entered
is entering
had been entering
will enter
    How he can be able
How he was able
How he is going
How he will
21. A noted Mayan scholar, Dr. Bill Evans, is studying the possible causes for the Mayan civilization¡¯s collapse. On his 55th birthday, he _______ the Mayans for almost 25 years.   22. The space shuttle Discovery finally took off into space on Wednesday evening after a two-month delay. At this very moment, the shuttle ________ docking procedures in outer space.
  had studied
is studying
will have been studying
will be studying
    is initiating
will be initiating
has initiated
will have initiated
23. Due to an injured ankle at the game last week, basketball player Sam Perkins will not be playing this week . He _______ a strict rehabilitation program for the last seven days , in preparation for the semi-finals.   24. Within three months after Jane started her business , her investment had nearly doubled. If she _______ her advisor about what kind of business to start, her business would not have seen such profitable returns so soon.
has been undergoing
had undergone
will have undergone
    could not consult
has consulted
was consulting
had not consulted
25. Alpha Squad Leader Murphy Jones informed his men that they have to get past enemy lines before sundown. Sensing immediate danger ahead, he _________ his men on their best course of action.   26. Cyclist Victor Truman won his ninth Tour de Manille at the age of 45. Relying on determination more than on physical strength, he made his way to the finish line _______ forever into the record books.
  is briefing
was briefing
had been briefing
has briefed