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About ITSC
Our Officers
The ITSC Family
Our services
Our solution
Students of all schools, colleges, universities, and technical schools;
Students expecting to attend schools where English is the medium of instruction;
Students in technical training institutions;
We have developed CBT (computer-based) and IBT (Internet-based test) systems that allow anyone who wants to take the tests to access them from any part of the world. These allow people to save time and money. These also allow raters to rate the tests efficiently and safely via the online rating system. With just one click, authorized administrators can check the test takers' proficiency levels anywhere in the world.
E-Learning Systems
Real-time online training system
Real-time online educational assessment system
Through our e-learning systems, learners are able to assess educational materials easily, as well as study without the aid of instructors anytime they want to. Moreover, they can evaluate themselves by taking online trial tests, complete with guides. It's a better alternative to studying the traditional way.
Educational Games
English learning games
English learning games for specific duties

Learners can easily learn by simply joining our English-learning games.
They are encouraged to learn more by competing with other learners in a fun and enjoyable way.