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About ITSC
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The following are the services our company can provide worldwide. We make it a point to learn about the needs of our clients and test takers, and we use the knowledge we have gained through our experiences to develop solutions that fully address these needs.
We have a highly proficient team of researchers who develop and create content for our tests, as well as a team of linguists and experts in the field of language testing, who create content for our educational programs, training programs, manuals, and instructional materials.
We develop customized English assessment programs that employ English language testing tools suitable for different uses and applications
We administer tests on demand to individuals or groups in the premises of an institution or organization, or at designated testing locations in countries where G-TELP is licensed to administer.
We assign scores based on the degree of mastery of clearly defined learning tasks and objectives. These are reported through a profile of diagnostic information, in individual and summary data form.