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- Established the ITSC at San Diego State University
- Chosen as the Official English test for recruiting volunteers for the Olympic Games in
- Registered to Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in U.S as one of English
  Language Specialist Program

- Developed a practical business English competence test
- Developed a CBT (Computer Based Test) Tool

- Affiliated with ITC (International Testing Center) in developing English assessment
  tools and educational programs
- Developed specialized tests for the flight attendants of airline companies.
- Developed specialized test tool for hotel employees.

- Developed specialized test tool for aeronautical personnel

- Change the format of Junior Tests

- Developed specialized test tool in accordance with ICAO requirement
- Change the format of Writing Test

- Providing on-line educational program services

- Provided an Official English test and training tools for recruiting volunteers at 2008
  Summer Olympics (AIFLY)
- Participated in the ICAEA RSS Project

- Developed a IBT (Internet Based Test) Tool for speaking & writing test

- G-TELP Test Center opened in the Philippines
- G-TELP Speaking & Writing Test Started in Japan

- Developed a IBT Tool for level test

- G-TELP Taiwan renewed an agency contract
- Official English Test for public officials in Korea
- Official test for nearly 1000 companies like SK, Dongbu, Hyundai, Amwaykorea etc. in
- Evaluation test for nearly 150 universities and 200 high schools in Japan
- Evaluation test for nearly 30 universities and 200 high schools and middle schools in
- Evaluation test for nearly 50 English institutes in the Philippines

- Published the official GTELP practice book: 'G-TELP Level Test for Actual'
- Launched the 'G-TELP Practice Online

- ITSC group and GlobalCast Co., Ltd. made an agency contract in Japan
- L Labs Inc in Taiwan made an agreement for supply of education service in the world.

- Started an IBT for G-TELP Level Test