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[News] ITSC and G-TELP PHILIPPINES renew the contract

The ITSC group and G-TELP Philippines had renewed the agency contract on October 07, 2018.

G-TELP Philippines conducts G-TELP English language proficiency tests at testing centers throughout the Philippines including Manila, Clark, and Baguio.

The two companies will continue actively cooperating with each other to develop and distribute programs that can improve students' English skills.

[News] Collaborative research agreement between ITSC and NE education

Collaborative Research Agreement(CRA) is contract between ITSC and NE education that are cooperating in the conduct of a research program for Junior English.
Collaborative Research Agreements may include terms governing the following:
- Publication of the research results
- Transfer of materials among the collaborating organizations

[News] Workshop for the G-TELP Speaking Test

I. Schedule and Duration
Date: January 24 ~ February 7, 2017
Duration: 3hrs (9am to 11:30am)

II. Goals
To make sure that all experienced raters are calibrated
To resolve any inconsistencies in implementing the guidelines and giving of scores

[News] 2016 G-TELP Business Test Rater Workshop
This interactive workshop will feature the G-TELP business test and give the training needs of raters who need to develop and maintain language skills. Please find detailed information and the registration form at the local G-TELP office. Best wishes and hope to see you in California.

G-TELP Speaking & Writing Test for Junior ready for administration
ITSC is pleased to announce that it has finished the development of the G-TELP Speaking & Writing Test for Junior. The test is a
battery of tests designed to evaluate the ability of non-native speakers of English to use the language to communicate in daily situations.

[Notice] ITSC establishes a new agency contract in Japan
ITSC group and Global Cast Inc. signed an agency contract on Nov. 1, 2014. Global Cast will manage G-TELP in Japan with various experiences in education field.

[Notice] ITSC signs an agreement with L Labs Inc.
ITSC group and L Labs Inc. signed an agreement on Dec. 17, 2014 with regard to supplying educational services worldwide.